Why choose MSP Group, a recyclable plastics broker

Turning waste into wealth could not be more on-trend right now, and for all the right reasons. Plastics and polymer recycling is good for business, and good for the planet. It’s a win-win situation.

With new companies springing up all the time, wouldn’t it be nice to deal with one that has been in it, since the start? Recycled plastics trading may be a relatively new field, but experience still counts.

Meet Silvia Merighi. When it comes to recycling, this smart and stylish Italian businesswoman was way ahead of the curve. Because for more than 25 years, Silvia has been in the recycling business, as a broker. That’s the kind of expertise and background you cannot fake. When it comes to matching buyers and sellers of Industrial waste plastic materials, Silvia has a database of contacts that are second-to-none.

In 2012, Silvia established the MSP Group, a Recyclable Plastics broker in Budapest, Hungary, the geographical heart of Europe.

This is certainly no “one-woman band”: Silvia now employs a permanent staff and representatives all over the world. But the company she created is a reflection of her principles and way of doing things. When it comes to sourcing plastics trading, of recycled plastics and polymers, MSP Group have got it covered. This includes SEBS polymer and recycled PET bottles.


Save Money, while Saving the Planet

Good intentions and good business can go hand and hand, with the MSP Group, they do.

They are consistently cheaper than their competitors. Indeed, you might be surprised by just how much of a difference in price point.

What’s more, they guarantee delivery, and only expect payment, once delivery is made.

Genuine plastic solutions – fast

Our commitment to speedy service means the one thing you won’t waste is time. Whether this is your first order of recycled plastics, or you’re a seasoned buyer, MSP Group can tailor solutions to your needs. As the saying goes, we’re big enough to matter, small enough to care.

We can usually get back to you with pricing, in a matter of one or two hours.
MSP Group are also the exclusive agents for SkyPlastic in Hungary, and were the first company to import TVK materials to Italy. We typically supply companies in the US, Italy, Austria, Germany, Spain, Central Europe and the Balkans, and have a regular client list of around 50 European companies.

20/20 vision, 100% recycling

As the trend towards recycling shows no signs of slowing down, so we continue to grow. These days, MSP is an international company with agents worldwide. Wherever you need it, we can shift recycled plastics to you, including XPS Polystyrene, Elastomer tape and TPU plastic materials. MSP Group can work fast to provide you with solutions, but it’s not because we cut corners.

As brokers, it’s true: we are often in a position to offer attractive pricing


Contact us today...

...to find out just how much cheaper per tonne than our competitors we are, on recycled plastics and polymers. But price isn’t everything: Silvia and her team are interested in establishing long term, sustainable relationships. After all, if this business is about anything, it is about creating a better future. That is something reflected in all aspects of our operation.

Authentic endorsements

Just look what our customers have to say about us.

Vass Zoltan
Chairman, Éltex Kft.

Silvia Merighi has been our agent dealing with plastic since 2010. She is incredibly proactive, constantly seeking the interest of the Seller, and especially efficient and excellent in problem solving. She is very well informed about trading conditions and so far found buyers and appropriate solutions for all our products and requirements.

Pablo Bandelli
Sky Plastic Recycling and Commerce Gmb

The industrial sector in Hungary is on the rise, and as a result there is an ever greater quantity of plastic waste is on the market. We know we can count on the MSP Group to provide a fair collaboration between suppliers of recycled plastics and our company. Silvia Merighi and her team act as interlocutors, who do a great job at representing our interests. They are multi-lingual, efficient and always trustworthy.

Ettore Santi
Agrofolija, Croatia

Silvia Merighi of MSP Group has worked with AgroFolija d.o.o. from 2014 with excellent results. MSP group has always been quick to satisfy our requirements for recycled plastic products; offering correct prices and supplying exactly what we require. She and her team pay special attention to administrative, financial and logistical concerns in dealing with Hungarian supplier systems. Without Silvia and MSP, our business in Hungary would not have been such a success.

Luca Giacomozzi
Raw Material ILPA group, Purchasing manager

The ILPA Group frequently works with Silvia Merighi because she is one of the most skilled professionals in the purchase of recycled plastics; activity carried out on our behalf in various Eastern European countries. Thanks to their knowledge of the local market and local languages, Silvia and the MSP Group provide us with high quality products at a competitive price and above all, create lasting partnerships with suppliers. They have been of invaluable help, with importing recycled plastics to Italy, both from EU and non-EU countries.

Tóth György
StarPlus Plastic Industry Ltd

We have been working with Silvia and her team at MSP Group for many years. We always appreciate the personal attention, and extremely fast response time. It's nice to know that is something we can count on. In the ever more competive field of recycled plastics and polymers, Silvia and the MSP Group are going from strength to strength, and we wish them only success for the future!

Luciano Mazzer
Chairman, Iwis Group

I enjoy a fruitful collaboration with Silvia Merighi and MSP Group for the purchase of polymers which are the raw material for my clients. The IWIS Group greatly benefits from their deep knowledge of the Hungarian and European market.

Ilario Fantuzzi
Managing Director, Replastica HDPE S.r.l.

Silvia Merighi and MSP Group look after my company’s purchase of plastics from Hungary. Ever since we began our collaboration I have greatly appreciated their professionalism and stability.

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“I just want to say one word to you: Plastics”. The Graduate, 1968


50 years ago, plastics were seen as the future. Now, plastic waste is threatening the ecosystem of the oceans, and the health of our planet. But recycling plastic waste can change all that.
Remember, it’s win-win: good for the planet, and also good
for business.
At MSP Group, we can ensure that truly, nothing is wasted.



We deal with the “scraps of the scraps” which these days, find their way into products by premium brands like Bosch and Ikea. In some cases, the recycled plastic is utilized in the internal workings of devices and machines. The scraps of the scraps can also be used in construction, and mixed in with cement to create building brick compounds.

That way we truly close the circle, by giving plastic waste a second life: a constructive one.



Contact MSP Group today to discuss your recycled plastic needs.
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