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The value of plastic waste: end-of-life management in Hungary

Nowadays, plastics are one of the most common materials in our daily life. Plastics have exceptional properties, which have made them indispensable in different industries (for example, packaging, building & construction, and automotive sector), resulting in societal benefits. However, the use of plastics generates plastic waste, and improper management of this waste leads to severe plastic pollution. In Hungary, there are some encouraging waste management trends, such as higher recycling and recovery rates and a decrease in the usage of landfills.

Key figures of the European plastics industry

The word “Plastic” was originally defined as “flexible and easily shaped”. The first plastic material was created in the mid-1800s. Then, the popularity of plastics grew around the world due to their innovative potential and unique properties. Plastic materials offer several advantages, including the ability to mass-produce them, as well as their lightweight, strength, durability, and low cost.

Closing the circle

We deal with the “scraps of the scraps” which these days, find their way into products by premium brands like Bosch and Ikea. In some cases, the recycled plastic is utilized in the internal workings of devices and machines. The scraps of the scraps can also be used in construction, and mixed in with cement to create building brick compounds.

That way we truly close the circle, by giving plastic waste a second life: a constructive one.

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